Who We Are

Cox & Company Financial Planning are a family based firm – with the roots of the practice dating back to the late 1960s.

The core team are:

  • Simon Cox – Financial Adviser
  • Tim Linford – Financial Adviser
  • Hilarie Lindley – Practice Manager
  • Naomi Shellard – Office Manager

The heritage started with Simon’s introduction to financial services by his father, with whom he worked alongside. Following his father’s retirement in 1990 and in the years following, Simon continued to expand the business – and in 1995, joined forces with his sister, Hilarie, and founded Cox & Company.


Over the intervening period the business has grown successfully, with the relaxed, professional approach proving to be well received. Naomi Shellard joined the practice in 1999 and quickly became a valued member of the core team.

The latest expansion development is that we are delighted to welcome Tim Linford to the core team, together with his expertise and successful financial advice practice. His experience again reflects the wide ranging requirements of people of all ages who seek reassurance when it comes to planning their financial future.


Naturally, this core team have established a wide array of professional connections and expertise, which enables them to provide the comprehensive range of services offered.